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How to claim with your WorkFit App?


Out-of-Network Claims (Reimburse)

Required Documents

Diagnosis Form


Make sure there is a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis with a doctor stamp on the form.

This form is also known as a medical reimbursement form which is available at any hospital.



Make sure the invoice also includes prices per line item or attach the billing with line items additional to the invoice.

Medicine Prescription, 

Lab tests/diagnostics results (if any)


Only necessary if you are getting your medicine outside of the healthcare facility. 

Upload any results from your lab test or diagnostics.

Foto of any medicine prescribed (if any) 


Upload a foto of any medicine you receive.

Download The  Outpatient Diagnosis Form

Video Tutorial: How to Reimburse Claims 

Out-of-Network Claims (Reimburse)

In-Network Claims (Cashless)

Cashless Process

Visit any of our In-Network Healthcare Facilities

Scan QR code at the healthcare facility to register

Get treatment

Confirm the claim and wait 3 minutes for confimation via the WorkFit App and go home if there is no excess




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Video Tutorial: How to do a Cashless Claim 

Our Current Cashless Network

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