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Patient and Nurse

WorkFit Corporate is a digital employee healthcare benefits administration platform.
Outpatient visits, dental, vision, maternity & wellness, we do it all.

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For Corporates

 Through self-funding with WorkFit Corporate, you outsource your claim processing and healthcare payments to us, unlocking valuable casfhlow for your company.

For Employees

Lightning fast reimbursement globally and a 10x  better cashless claim experience. 

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For Healthcare Providers

More patients, paid faster, fully digital.

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WorkFit Corporate: Design your own Benefits!

With WorkFit Corporate, your employee would be able to claim their benefits that include

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Dental Care

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Pay as You Go:

  • No Deposits

  • Only Pay For What is Claimed

  • No Large Upfront Premiums

  • Save up to 73% in Yearly Health Expenses

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Understand what your employees are going through

We give our clients a simple dashboard to understand their employees health challenges in real-time:

  • Cashless provider network.

  • Real-time data analytics to take actionable steps for your employees health

  • Manage your employees through one dashboard

Give your employees a better healthcare experience 

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Cashless or Reimburse

hassle-free cashless claiming through WorkFit Corporate provider network, or digitally reimburse for claims outside our provider network within 48 hours.

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We Help Healthcare Providers Serve Patients Better

WorkFit supports its health providers through a fully digital claim process to get paid faster and give a better care experience to our corporate clients.

  • More patients

  • Paid faster: weekly.

  • Digitally administrate: no more paper.

  • Digital claim approval: in real-time.

Be a part of our growing provider network today!

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Our Cashless Network

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South Quarter Tower A, 18th Floor, Jl. R.A. Kartini Kav 8, Cilandak Barat,

Jakarta 12430

Phone: +62 877-7810-8086 (WA Only)
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